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Due to the nature of the project we are working on, Paradigma NGO is looking for a mobile app development company that is able to develop a mobile app for Android and iOS users.

Basic requirements

  • Must be registered in Montenegro
  • Must be able to develop the mobile application in two operating systems – Android AND iOS
  • Must be able to develop the app within the deadlines specified below
  • Must fit the submitted budget (further increase in pricing WILL NOT be approved)

Mobile App Specifications

Application Purpose: Giving humanity back to the community by facilitating social/charitable functioning within the community. 

Values/Principles: Community, Dignity, Fairness

Environments: iOS, Android



There will be three primary users. 

  1. Organizations: Registered groups providing help to vulnerable groups
  2. Individuals: Users who are looking to donate goods or services. Users who are searching for resources such as food or health items. 
  3. Admin: One admin account that has a moderator role and backend access in order to approve registrations from organizations and take over the user accounts in case there is a need for that.


Registration and Profile: 

  • Organizations will be able to sign up/register within the app. 
  • Organization will need to apply with:
  1. Organization’s name
  2. Address
  3. Phone
  4. Contact person and email 
  5. Organization’s Number/ PIB
  • Their application will be sent to an admin email address that will verify the existing organization and the person applying. Organizations will need to provide the following information for its profile:
  • Once approved, they will receive confirmation. 
  • They will update profile:
  1. Address
  2. Email and contact person
  3. Phone
  4. Brief description
  5. Add needs for resources: Each need should be able to activate and deactivate once met. 
  6. Resource needs should have two settings: One time and On-going. 
  7. Organizations can flag needs as urgent. 


  • Register and sign up using Email or social accounts. (app is not permitted to post to social feed)
  • Receive a code via SMS for verifying account
  • Creates a profile
  1. Name (needs ability to remain anonymous if user wants)
  2. Username 
  3. Address (minimum City/Opstina)
  4. Phone
  5. Can select specific opstina(s) to be notified of needs and/or resources  

App requirements: 

  • Can send in-app messages between organization and individuals to speak about needs or donations
  • Needs shared by organizations need to go into a feed that can be filtered by locations. Ex. All Montenegro, opstina, city, etc
  • Map screen showing organizations providing resources across Montenegro. 
  • Individuals will be able to directly donate funds to the registered organizations via payment gateway (sourced from the local banks or via Stripe in future) – app budget must be provided with and without this function
  • Reporting:
  1. Organizations need to see what needs have been met through the app
  2. Individuals should see reports by Opstina and City. 
  3. Reports can be exported, downloaded, or shared.

Schedule for Development and Delivery

  • October (1st week) Agree on scope & requirements
  • October (2nd week) agree on the design and user flow
  • October (2nd week) build begins
  • October (2nd/3rd week) key personnel to assist in facilitating brainstorm/focus group
  • November (3rd week) initial testing
  • November (4th week) key personnel to assist in the facilitation of app reveal/training/revision with brainstorm/focus group
  • December 1 – app launch

Additional notes

  • Server hosting will be provided by Paradigma NGO
  • Digital certificates and other features required by the app specs will be provided by the bidding company and should be included in the proposed budget
  • E-commerce maintenance will be secured by Paradigma NGO


Deadline for submitting a proposal is Friday, 21st at 5 pm CET.

How to submit a proposal

Proposal and a portfolio of recently completed projects should be submitted via email to paradigmango@gmail.com.