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About us

Montenegro Seed Project 2020 seed distribution

We want Montenegrin communities to thrive

Paradigma NGO is a spin-off organization consisting of Meanderbug team members. While our ethos celebrates sustainable endeavors like our rural tourism social enterprise meanderbug.com, we find that there are some challenges that require a one-time NGO approach to tackle some specific challenges. We formed Paradigma NGO in 2018 to aid in rural travel development. With the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, we have turned attention to helping Montenegrin communities during this difficult season.  

Our overarching vision is to empower local communities by providing them knowledge, resources, innovations, and healthy collaboration.

Our Team

Paradigma NGO is about a network established over years of cultivating relationships and trust. The number of people we call upon to give feedback, lend a hand, or carry part of a project forward are too many to mention.

However, some of our key members include:

Brit Boone

Brit Boone

Our resident visionary and guy who is trying to understand the local and global reality while exploring what if…

Jovan Radnic

Jovan Radnic

Our guy who is always ready to find a way to do something good and is most happy if it includes talking and working with others…

Astrid Boone

Astrid Boone

Our team-builder, encourager, and most compassionate team member.

Snezana Aleksic

Snezana Aleksic

Our financial advisor that turns numbers into tangible results…

Nemanja Radoman

Nemanja Radoman

Our brain behind the website that gladly joins the work on the field as well…


Paradigma NGO is a non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical organization headquartered in Podgorica, Montenegro. Paradigma works on developing sustainable initiatives in communities across Montenegro but we are open to cross border cooperation that brings benefit to multiple countries, as well.

Paradigma NGO is formally registered as NVO Paradigma in the NGO Register of Montenegro, under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.



Who funds the work of Paradigma NGO?

Paradigma NGO does not receive funds directly. Funding is provided for the concrete projects our NGO is working on. So far, the list of donors for our projects include Meanderbug.com, Spirit of America NGO, and the US Embassy in Montenegro. We also have received contributions from caring citizens. To see the portfolio of our projects, please check our Projects section.

How can my organization work with Paradigma NGO?

We are always open to working with like-minded organizations and individuals.
If you would like to help financially or provide expertise in order to advance our goals and projects, please get in touch with us.

Paradigma NGO has worked with many local organizations that share our vision for the sustainable future of Montenegro. We believe that together we can do amazing things for the country and our people. If you have a project idea and would like to partner up, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Can I volunteer for Paradigma NGO

Absolutely! We are always in need of extra help, especially when implementing a project. We are based in Podgorica but some of our initiatives target multiple local communities or have a nation-wide reach. Write us via email and include the types of projects or activities that you are interested in and we will direct your enthusiasm and desire to help in a way that makes a tangible difference and positive impact on your community. There may be a way for you to start volunteering immediately. If not, we’ll let you know as soon as an opportunity arises in your area. 

I’m a journalist and I would like to write a story about Paradigma and/or your projects. How can I get in touch?

Please send us your inquiry to our general email (paradigmango@gmail.com). We will forward it to the right address and make sure you get an answer as soon as possible. And thank you for your interest!