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Based on years of study and months of development, we are excited to bring new, sustainable agriculture approaches to Montenegro to help improve food supply during the shoulder season. Nova Moba – Montenegro COVID Response Project is funded by the U.S. Embassy Podgorica.

Our team identified a range of factors that would impact communities in a sustainable way based on food supply disruptions and limiting factors that have been experienced around the world at select times in 2020 due to follow-on effects from the COVID-19 coronavirus. Select key factors include:

  1. Expanding the growing season
  2. Increasing growth capacity in limited spaces
  3. Raising awareness and opportunity for society to participate in meeting the needs of others

With a commitment to pursue sustainability, we are pursuing regenerative agricultural solutions using a combination of both traditional and modern approaches to innovate for good. While more will be shared about different solutions over time, the culmination of these efforts consists of three initiatives that will be delivered over a 12-month period. 

Helping the Helpers

The Helpers initiative will construct 7 greenhouses with 6 to 10 garden towers per greenhouse in at least 6 municipalities across Montenegro in order for food to be grown during the shoulder seasons and even into the winter months to assist those that are working for the good of others. 




Instant Garden

The Instant Garden initiative will place 120 functioning garden towers at the residences of families dealing with economic challenges or that are seeking to assist others in the local community. 

Mobile App

The mobile app initiative will provide information and connection for society to work together to make healthier communities. 

Stay Connected

These initiatives are bigger than our team, but working as a community we can achieve so much more. We are appreciative of the many that are already volunteering with us and those that have recently expressed their interest to give a helping hand. Check back on this page, our social media channels (under #novamoba), and our blog for more information on how this project is developing and how you can participate. Working together, we can build a more resilient community for the good of all.